Temple of Vroom Franchise

Most Driving school franchises are completely one sided, I know this because I used to have one! Pay a fortune to a company for a car, and so you can advertise their company for them. Some also charge for each pupil even if they only do 1 lesson. It can be a daunting thing for some instructors to go independent and also very costly, setting up a website, advertising etc and what happens if you don’t have enough pupils?! That’s why this is the only franchise you’ll find that is completely stacked in favour of you. This is a franchise that has taken all the things I wanted as an instructor but never got.

  • Initial 6 month contract with nothing to pay for 3 months

    Starting a new business can be expensive so to make your life as easy as possible there’s no franchise costs for the 1st 3 months to help you get established with TOV.

  • All Decals supplied free of charge

    One of our unique selling points and what makes us noticed by so many people is our graphics on our cars. I’ve been stopped in the street by people saying “what a great name it is” and a vast majority of our pupils say they saw the car and thought it looked great. We’ve been featured on Buzzfeeds best British business puns and have been photographed on numerous social media sites including several celebrities sharing pictures of the cars. All you have to do is get them applied to the car!

  • Graphics will advertise Instructors own phone number

    The way it should be for all instructors, if someone sees your car then they call you. Unlike 99% of driving schools where you’re advertising the schools phone number, with TOV you’re advertising your number so the graphics are custom made for each instructor.

  • Your own profile page on Templeofvroom.co.uk

    When someone searches for an instructor on our site they simply put in their postcode and if it’s in your catchment area then up pops your profile page. You simply provide us with a photo and a bit of info about yourself as well as all your contact details and again all the enquiries come direct to you!

  • Set your own prices

    As we all know instructors in different areas charge different prices so you can set the price you would like to charge for your hourly rate and also what block booking deals that you’d like to do. The only set price is for the introductory deal.

  • No Competition

    From past experience I know how frustrating it can be as an instructor when you have multiple instructors from the same school in your area and you’re in competition with them. We only have 1 manual and 1 auto instructor per capita. We want all our instructors to be oversubscribed rather than fighting each other for work.

  • Franchise gets cheaper!

    Every year you stay with TOV your franchise payments will go down (up to 4 years)

  • Holiday goes up!

    Every year you stay with TOV you get an additional franchise free week (up to 4 years)

  • Tell your Friends

    If you recommend a TOV franchise to another instructor (in a different area of course, you don’t want competition!) then we’ll give you a week off your franchise as a thank you!!

Here’s a testimonial from one of our instructor that’s been part of TOV since near the very beginning.

“Honestly, since starting with Temple of Vroom my career as a driving instructor has really taken off. Previously I had been with a nationwide franchise who provided me with very little work and an exorbitant fee. But right from the beginning with Steve Temple my diary filled quickly and I’ve basically been oversubscribed ever since. Now 4 years later I have to say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Steve has made me feel more like a partner in TOV. As a working ADI himself he understands what we have to go through, and has tailored the franchise to ensure the instructor is happy! And I really appreciate our occasional coffee meet-ups where we can chew over the business. You certainly wont be disappointed if you choose to franchise with Temple of Vroom Driving School” Steve Alcorn ADI

So if it sounds like something you’d like to be a part of or if you want any other information then give me a call on 07957152417 or email me on stevetemple@templeofvroom.co.uk